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The 1970s era was a time of cultural shift and transformation, marked by its distinctive fashion and beauty trends. This period of history, often referred to as the “Me Decade,” emerged as a reaction against the societal constraints of the previous decades, giving rise to a newfound sense of freedom and self-expression.

In the realm of beauty, the makeup styles that flourished during this time reflected this spirit, with bold and vibrant looks becoming increasingly popular. Fashion in the 1970s underwent a significant evolution.

The counterculture movements of the previous decade spilled over into mainstream society, resulting in a more relaxed and individualistic approach to personal style. The hippie movement had a profound impact on fashion trends, embracing natural fabrics, loose silhouettes, and earthy tones.

This bohemian influence trickled down into makeup as well. The makeup styles popularized during the 1970s embraced a more natural aesthetic while still allowing room for experimentation and self-expression.

The emphasis shifted from heavy foundation and overdone looks to one that celebrated healthy-looking skin with a sun-kissed glow. This marked a departure from the heavily powdered faces of previous decades.

With an increasing focus on achieving youthful radiance and embracing natural beauty, tinted moisturizers became all the rage during this era. These lighter coverage foundations provided an even base while allowing one’s natural skin texture to shine through.

Alongside these lightweight formulas came an introduction to bronzer – a product that quickly gained popularity for its ability to mimic a sun-kissed complexion year-round. As women sought out ways to enhance their features without appearing overly made-up, subtlety became key in eye makeup looks throughout the 70s.

Eyeshadow colors ranged from earthy tones like browns, oranges, and yellows inspired by nature’s palette to bolder hues such as vibrant blues and greens influenced by the psychedelic art and music scene of the time. Shimmering metallic eyeshadows also found their way into makeup bags, adding a touch of glamour to evening looks.

Stay tuned for the upcoming sections where we delve deeper into the eye makeup trends, eyeliner techniques, bold blush choices, and iconic lipstick trends that defined makeup in the 1970s. Dive into this captivating decade of beauty and learn how to recreate these timeless looks with a modern twist.

Foundation and Base Makeup

Natural-Looking Skin with a Sun-Kissed Glow

During the 1970s, the beauty ideal was still centered around natural-looking skin. However, a hint of sun-kissed glow became highly desirable.

To achieve this radiant complexion, women turned to specific foundation and base makeup products that provided a healthy and youthful appearance. The goal was to mimic the effect of spending time under the sun without risking damage from harmful UV rays.

Tinted Moisturizers and Light Coverage Foundations

In contrast to heavy foundations popular in previous decades, the 70s saw a shift towards more lightweight options. Tinted moisturizers and light coverage foundations gained significant popularity during this era.

These formulations allowed for a more breathable feel on the skin while providing minimal coverage to even out skin tone without masking natural features. The focus was on enhancing one’s complexion rather than completely concealing imperfections.

The idea behind using tinted moisturizers and light coverage foundations was to maintain a fresh-faced look that appeared effortless. These products were specifically designed to provide sheer coverage, allowing freckles or slight discoloration to peek through while creating an overall smooth canvas for other makeup application.

Bronzers for Achieving a Healthy, Tanned Complexion

Bronzers emerged as a key product in achieving the coveted sun-kissed glow of the 70s. This era saw an increased interest in self-tanning methods, but bronzing powders became an immediate hit due to their ease of use and ability to instantly impart warmth and radiance.

The application technique involved lightly dusting bronzer over areas where sunlight naturally hits the face: forehead, cheekbones, nose bridge, and chin. By strategically placing bronzer on these high points, individuals could create an illusion of recently basking in the sun, even during colder months.

Bronzers of the 70s were often earth-toned, with warm undertones that mimicked natural tanning. Some products even had slight shimmer to enhance the glowy effect.

The overall aim was to achieve a healthy and tanned complexion without resorting to excessive sun exposure, which could potentially harm the skin. Overall, foundation and base makeup in the 1970s focused on enhancing natural beauty while incorporating a subtle sun-kissed radiance.

Tinted moisturizers and light coverage foundations allowed for a fresh-faced appearance, while bronzers added warmth and depth to the complexion. This combination of products set the stage for further makeup application that emphasized bold eyes, rosy cheeks, and iconic nude lips that defined the beauty trends of this era.

Eye Makeup: Bold and Dramatic Statements

The 1970s was an era known for its bold, unapologetic fashion and makeup choices, and eye makeup was no exception. It became a powerful tool for self-expression and an essential element in creating iconic looks. The eyes were the canvas on which individuals painted their creativity, embracing vibrant colors and daring techniques.

Eyeshadow: A Palette of Earthy Tones to Vibrant Hues

Eyeshadow took center stage during the 70s, with a diverse range of shades that mirrored the spirit of the era. Earthy tones like browns, oranges, and yellows were popular choices for creating natural looks that accentuated the eyes’ shape.

These warm hues brought out a sense of natural beauty while providing depth and dimension to eye makeup. However, it didn’t stop there; adventurous souls weren’t afraid to experiment with vibrant blues and greens as well.

These vivid colors allowed individuals to make striking statements and embrace their inner wildness. Whether it was an electric blue or a bold emerald green, eyeshadows became vehicles for self-expression.

Shimmering Metallics: An Evening Extravaganza

Evening looks in the 70s embraced shimmering metallic eyeshadows that added a touch of glamour to any ensemble. Whether attending a disco party or simply desiring an opulent appearance, metallic shades became must-haves in every makeup collection. Golds, silvers, coppers, and bronzes adorned lids with their lustrous finish, catching the light as one danced or mingled under sparkling disco balls.

Bold Eyeliner: Making Eyes Pop

Eyeliner had a major moment in the 70s, becoming thicker and more prominent than ever before. It was an essential tool for defining the eyes and elevating their impact.

Winged eyeliner became a staple, with its wings extending beyond the outer corners of the eyes for a dramatic effect that elongated the eye shape. Another popular technique involved using kohl pencil liners to create smoky eyes.

These liners allowed for easy smudging, giving rise to seductive and sultry looks. The kohl’s soft texture enabled precise application along the lash line, allowing individuals to achieve that coveted smoky-eye effect, adding depth and intensity to their gaze.

False Eyelashes: Luscious Lashes Steal the Show

To complete the striking eye makeup of the 70s, false eyelashes made a grand comeback. Long gone were the days of minimal lashes; it was time to embrace volume, length, and drama. Strip lashes or individual clusters were applied along the lash line to achieve long, thick lashes that framed the eyes with an aura of allure.

These false lashes became accessories in their own right, enhancing one’s natural beauty while allowing for customization. Whether opting for a more natural look with wispy extensions or going all out with dense clusters that demanded attention, false eyelashes became an integral part of every 70s-inspired makeup look.

Blush and Contouring

Rosy cheeks were in vogue during this era

During the 1970s, rosy cheeks experienced a resurgence in popularity as women sought to achieve a youthful and healthy glow. The trend was influenced by the rising interest in natural beauty and embracing one’s individuality. Soft, rosy hues became the go-to choice for achieving that coveted flush.

Peachy-pink blushes emerged as particularly popular options, imparting a warm and natural radiance to the complexion. The preference for rosy cheeks was partly inspired by the bohemian aesthetic of the time, with many women embracing a free-spirited and relaxed lifestyle.

They aimed to replicate the fresh-faced look of sun-kissed skin or a brisk outdoor adventure captured in magazines or films. By applying blush strategically, they could enhance their features to exude vitality and vitality.

Among the various shades available, peachy-pink blushes became synonymous with 70s-style makeup. Women gravitated towards these hues as they complemented a wide range of skin tones and offered a subtle warmth without overpowering other elements of their makeup looks. Peachy-pink blushes captured the essence of youthfulness, imbuing cheeks with delicate hints of apricot or coral tones.

These shades had an inherent versatility that made them suitable for both day and evening wear, effortlessly blending with other makeup components such as eyeshadows and lipsticks. The application technique also played an important role in achieving that desired youthful flush.

Rather than concentrating color solely on the apples of the cheeks like previous decades, women began incorporating their cheekbones into their blush placement routine. This shift allowed for more dimension and sculpting effect while maintaining a natural appearance.

Blush placement shifted from just apples of cheeks to also include cheekbones

In the 70s, makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts began exploring new ways to enhance facial structure through contouring with blush. The traditional method of applying blush only on the apples of the cheeks gave way to a more sophisticated approach that incorporated the cheekbones.

To achieve this technique, women started by identifying the highest point of their cheekbones and blending blush onto that area. By extending the color slightly towards the temples, they created an illusion of lifted and sculpted features.

This contouring effect helped to define facial structure and contributed to a more polished overall appearance. This shift in blush placement was inspired by a desire for a more nuanced look.

It aimed to highlight and accentuate bone structure while maintaining an air of natural beauty. By embracing this subtle yet effective technique, women were able to achieve a harmonious balance between enhancing their features without overpowering them with heavy makeup application.

During the 1970s, rosy cheeks became an essential part of makeup trends as women aimed for a youthful flush that exuded vitality. Peachy-pink blushes emerged as popular choices due to their ability to impart warmth and freshness.

Blush placement evolved from solely focusing on the apples of cheeks to incorporating cheekbones for added dimension and contouring effect. This nuanced approach allowed women in the 70s era to enhance their natural beauty while embracing individuality and self-expression through makeup.

The Iconic Nude Lip Trend Emerged in the ’70s

The 1970s witnessed a significant shift in lipstick trends, with the emergence of the iconic nude lip trend. This departure from the bold and vibrant lip colors of previous decades reflected a more natural and understated approach to makeup.

In particular, shades of beige became exceedingly popular during this time period, epitomizing the effortless and carefree aesthetic that defined ’70s fashion and beauty. Beige: Embracing a more neutral palette, beige lipstick shades dominated the lips of fashion icons and everyday women alike.

Beige tones ranged from warm peachy nudes to cooler taupe hues, allowing individuals to select a shade that complemented their skin tone. This subtle yet alluring color choice perfectly captured the overall vibe of the era – one that celebrated individuality with a touch of sophistication.

The popularity of beige lipsticks in the ’70s can be attributed to their versatility and ability to seamlessly complement various eye makeup looks. Whether paired with dramatic smoky eyes or soft earthy eyeshadows, beige lipsticks created a harmonious balance on the face.

This allowed other facial features such as mesmerizing eyes or glowing skin to take center stage while still maintaining an overall polished appearance. To achieve the perfect nude lip look of the ’70s, individuals opted for creamy formulations with satin or matte finishes.

These textures not only provided long-lasting wear but also added dimension and depth to the lips without overpowering them. The focus was on enhancing natural beauty rather than drawing attention solely to one feature.


As we reflect upon 1970s makeup trends, it becomes apparent that this pivotal era left an indelible mark on beauty history. From natural-looking foundations with sun-kissed glow to dramatic eye makeup featuring vibrant colors and thick eyeliner, the ’70s aesthetic celebrated both individuality and self-expression.

The emergence of the nude lip trend, particularly in shades of beige, reflected a shift towards understated elegance and effortless beauty. While the ’70s may be considered a bygone era, its influence on makeup trends continues to resonate in contemporary fashion.

Today, we see a resurgence of these iconic styles as individuals embrace a more natural and authentic approach to beauty. So why not draw inspiration from the past and experiment with those earthy nude lip shades or bold eye looks that once defined an entire decade?

Let us celebrate the enduring legacy of 1970s makeup trends by embracing our unique features, exploring new possibilities, and expressing ourselves confidently through makeup. Just as the ’70s encouraged us to embrace individuality without fear, let our own makeup choices reflect our personal style, empowering us to radiate beauty from within.

What characterized the makeup of the 70s?

1970s makeup was known for its bold and vibrant colors. Heavy eyeliner, bright eyeshadows, and glossy lips were popular trends. The era embraced a natural look with earthy tones and shimmery highlights.

How can I recreate a 70s-inspired makeup look?

To achieve a 70s makeup look, focus on dramatic eyes with thick eyeliner and colorful eyeshadows. Use bronzer to contour and achieve a sun-kissed glow. Finish with glossy lips and long, fluttery lashes.

What is the difference between 70s and modern makeup trends?

70s makeup emphasized bold eyes and lips, while modern trends often prioritize a more natural and dewy look. The 70s focused on heavy contouring, whereas modern makeup aims for a softer, well-blended finish.

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