What Is Super Pets On

What Is Super Pets On


Superheroes have captivated the imaginations of readers and viewers for decades, and their stories often extend beyond the realm of humans. Enter the captivating world of Super Pets, where ordinary animals gain extraordinary abilities and join forces with their superhero owners to fight crime, save the day, and add an extra layer of charm to the already fascinating superhero universe.

Definition of Super Pets

Super Pets can be defined as animal companions or sidekicks that possess exceptional powers or abilities beyond those of regular animals. These unique creatures often share a deep bond with their superhero counterparts and serve as loyal allies in their heroic endeavors. From dogs and cats to horses and monkeys, Super Pets come in various forms and are a testament to the endless possibilities that exist within comic book storytelling.

Brief history and evolution of the concept

The concept of Super Pets can be traced back to the early days of superhero comics when creators sought to add depth, humor, and relatability to their characters’ lives. In 1955, DC Comics introduced Krypto the Superdog in Adventure Comics #210 as Superman’s loyal canine companion from his home planet Krypton. This marked one of the earliest instances where a superhero had an animal sidekick with special abilities.

As time went on, other iconic superheroes followed suit by introducing their own Super Pets. Batman’s trusty canine companion Ace the Bat-Hound debuted in 1955, while Wonder Woman had her winged steed Pegasus introduced in 1982.

These beloved characters not only brought joy to readers but also provided new storytelling avenues for writers looking to explore different dynamics between heroes and animals. The concept further evolved through animated adaptations such as “Super Friends,” which aired from 1973 to 1986.

The show featured several animal sidekicks that gained popularity among young viewers at the time. More recently, the animated series “Teen Titans Go!” introduced Silkie, a humorous and endearing caterpillar, as one of the team’s unofficial members.

These adaptations expanded the reach of Super Pets beyond comic book panels and into mainstream media. Super Pets are an integral part of superhero mythology, adding a layer of charm, companionship, and adventure to the lives of our favorite characters.

From humble beginnings in comic books to their prominent presence in animated shows and movies today, Super Pets continue to captivate audiences young and old. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into some iconic Super Pets within DC Comics’ extensive universe, exploring their origins, powers, and notable adventures alongside their superhero counterparts.

Superhero comics and their animal companions

When we delve into the realm of superhero comics, we discover a fascinating aspect of their world—super pets. These extraordinary animals have become an intrinsic part of the superhero narrative, providing both emotional support for the heroes and contributing to their adventures in unexpected ways. Let’s explore some iconic examples that have captured the hearts of comic book enthusiasts for decades.

Superman’s dog, Krypto

Amongst all the super pets, one name stands out: Krypto, the loyal canine companion of Superman. Created by Otto Binder and Curt Swan in 1955, Krypto made his debut appearance in “Adventure Comics #210.” This remarkable dog shares Superman’s superpowers thanks to Earth’s yellow sun. With incredible strength, invulnerability, flight capabilities, and enhanced senses, Krypto has proven indispensable to our beloved Man of Steel on numerous occasions.

Batman’s loyal pet, Ace the Bat-Hound

As if fighting crime under Gotham City’s dark skies wasn’t enough for Batman; he has also forged a unique bond with Ace the Bat-Hound. Introduced in “Batman #92” by writer Bill Finger and artist Sheldon Moldoff in 1955, this brave German Shepherd is known for his exceptional scent detection skills and unwavering loyalty towards Batman. Ace has often been depicted assisting Batman during investigations or even holding his own against villains when needed.

Wonder Woman’s winged steed, Pegasus

In Wonder Woman’s mythological world filled with gods and goddesses from ancient Greek mythology lies her equine companion Pegasus—a majestic flying horse born from Medusa’s severed head. As Wonder Woman travels through Themyscira or ventures into battle against formidable foes like Ares or Cheetah, Pegasus soars through the skies, offering her a swift and reliable means of transportation. This mythical creature embodies grace and elegance while embodying the spirit of courage that Wonder Woman herself represents.

Animated adaptations featuring Super Pets

The appeal of super pets transcends the pages of comic books and extends into animated adaptations, captivating younger audiences and adding an extra layer of charm to beloved superhero franchises. Let’s explore two notable examples where super pets have come to life in animated form.

“Super Friends” and the inclusion of animal sidekicks

During the 1970s, “Super Friends” brought together DC’s most iconic heroes in an animated series that introduced a range of super pets as loyal companions for our favorite crime fighters. From Batman’s Ace the Bat-Hound to Superman’s Krypto, these animal sidekicks played essential roles in assisting their superhero partners during battles against dastardly villains such as Lex Luthor or Joker. Their presence highlighted the bond between humans and animals, inspiring young viewers with tales of teamwork and loyalty.

“Teen Titans Go!” and their humorous portrayal of Silkie the caterpillar

In more recent years, “Teen Titans Go!” has gained popularity for its comedic take on teenage superheroes’ adventures. The series introduced us to Silkie—an unconventional yet endearing super pet belonging to Starfire.

Silkie is no ordinary caterpillar; he possesses extraordinary abilities such as shape-shifting, spitting silk-based projectiles, and even emitting powerful sonic screams. Despite his unusual appearance and quirky antics, Silkie has managed to capture viewers’ hearts with his innocence and unexpected heroics throughout the show.

These instances from popular culture illustrate how super pets have become prominent features within superhero narratives. Whether it be Krypto flying alongside Superman or Ace sniffing out danger for Batman or even Pegasus aiding Wonder Woman in her heroic quests, these beloved animal companions contribute to the emotional depth and excitement of superhero stories, leaving an everlasting impression on fans of all ages.

Iconic Super Pets in DC Comics Universe

The DC Comics Universe is renowned for its incredible roster of superheroes, but it’s not just human characters that captivate readers. Within this expansive universe, several beloved super-powered animals have emerged as iconic companions to the main heroes. These super pets bring their own unique charm and abilities to the narrative, adding an extra layer of excitement and adventure.

Krypto the Superdog: The Last Son of Krypton’s Best Friend

Krypto, also known as Krypto the Superdog, holds a special place in Superman’s heart as his loyal canine companion. Originating from the planet Krypton like his master, Krypto was sent to Earth as a test subject for a series of experiments aiming to determine whether it was safe to send baby Kal-El (Superman) to our planet.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Krypto’s journey took much longer than expected, resulting in him arriving on Earth years after Superman had already grown up. Despite this delay, Krypto possesses incredible superpowers that he gained under his home planet’s yellow sun.

Similar to Superman’s abilities such as flight and invulnerability, Krypto also boasts exceptional hearing and speed. His loyalty knows no bounds; he is always ready to protect his family and friends from any danger they might face.

Throughout various comic book storylines involving Superman or even standalone adventures focusing solely on him, Krypto has showcased his bravery and unwavering devotion time and again. Whether fighting alongside his master against formidable adversaries or embarking on solo missions, this heroic canine has become an integral part of Superman’s world.

Streaky the Supercat: The Feline Companion with Superpowers

If dogs are man’s best friend, then surely cats have their place in the realm of superheroes too. Streaky the Supercat, a beloved character primarily associated with Supergirl, possesses extraordinary abilities that make her an invaluable ally in the fight against evil.

Streaky’s origin story traces back to a scientific experiment gone awry. Once an ordinary Earth cat named Streaky, her life changed dramatically when she accidentally stumbled upon a discarded piece of Kryptonite.

The exposure to the radioactive material granted her superpowers similar to those of Superman and Supergirl. Now imbued with enhanced strength and flight capabilities, Streaky became an essential member of the superhero community.

Streaky’s adventures predominantly revolve around assisting Supergirl in protecting National City and beyond from various threats. Whether it’s aiding her in foiling heinous schemes or simply providing companionship during quieter moments, this feline heroine has cemented herself as a fan-favorite character within DC Comics lore.

Beppo the Super-Monkey: The Mischievous Simian Superhero

In addition to dogs and cats, even monkeys have found their way into the ranks of DC Comics’ super pets. Beppo is a mischievous simian with a knack for troublemaking but also possesses incredible powers that make him more formidable than his playful demeanor suggests. Originally known as Beppo the Super-Monkey from Krypton, he shared similar origins with Superman and Krypto but embarked on his interstellar journey as part of an animal test mission conducted by Kryptonian scientists.

After drifting through space for years due to unforeseen circumstances, Beppo eventually crash-landed on Earth where he met none other than Superman himself. Beppo gained various superpowers under Earth’s yellow sun, including flight and enhanced strength.

Despite his prankster nature often causing chaos, Beppo has teamed up with Superman on multiple occasions to battle formidable foes and save the day. His presence adds a touch of lightheartedness and unpredictability to the adventures, making him a distinctive and endearing member of the Super Pets roster.

Lesser-Known Super Pets from DC Comics Universe

A. Comet the Super-Horse: An equine hero with an extraordinary backstoryComet the Super-Horse is one of the most fascinating and lesser-known Super Pets in the DC Comics Universe. His origin story is truly unique and captivating, as he was once a centaur named Biron, residing in ancient Greece. However, a sorceress named Circe transformed him into a horse due to his rejection of her advances. This transformation endowed Comet with incredible superpowers and immortality.

1. Comet’s origins as a centaur turned into a horse by a sorceressCirce’s curse turned Biron into Comet, forever destined to roam the Earth as an enchanted horse. Despite his new form, he retained human-like intelligence and emotions, making him more than just an ordinary steed. Comet’s immortal existence allowed him to witness significant historical events throughout the ages while retaining his bond with Greek myths and legends.

2. Unique abilities and notable interactions with SupergirlAs a Super Pet, Comet possesses several remarkable abilities that set him apart from regular horses. He has super strength, speed, agility, flight capabilities (thanks to wings sprouting from his back), enhanced senses, and even limited telepathy that allows him to communicate with humans. These powers make him an invaluable asset in Supergirl’s pursuit of justice. Comet shares a special connection with Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), serving as her loyal companion during various adventures. Their bond goes beyond mere teamwork; they share deep emotional support for each other due to their similar experiences of feeling like outsiders in their respective worlds.

B . Proty II: The shape-shifting alienProty II is another intriguing addition to the roster of Super Pets in the DC Comics Universe. Hailing from the planet Bismoll, Proty II is an alien creature with extraordinary shape-shifting abilities. He first appeared as a companion to the Legion of Super-Heroes, a team of teenage superheroes from the 30th and 31st centuries. Proty II’s unique powers allow him to transform his shape into virtually anything he desires. His abilities are not limited to mimicking other living beings; he can also alter his form to mimic objects and even abstract concepts. This makes him an incredibly versatile asset in any mission or battle faced by the Legion.


In a universe filled with superheroes and their iconic sidekicks, it is easy for lesser-known characters like Comet the Super-Horse and Proty II to be overshadowed. However, their intriguing backstories, unique abilities, and remarkable interactions with beloved heroes such as Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes make them worthy of recognition.

These unsung Super Pets bring an extra layer of depth and diversity to DC Comics’ rich tapestry of characters. Their inclusion showcases the creativity and imagination that writers have employed over the years when expanding upon this fascinating concept.

So let us not overlook these hidden gems within the vast realm of Super Pets but embrace them as beloved icons who contribute their own heroic deeds alongside their human counterparts. After all, every hero needs a faithful companion, no matter how extraordinary or unusual they may be!

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