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Next In Fashion, a captivating reality competition series, burst onto the global fashion scene in January 2020. This Netflix original show combines elements of creativity, style, and craftsmanship as it seeks to uncover the next big name in fashion design. With an impressive panel of judges, thrilling challenges, and a diverse group of talented contestants from around the world, Next In Fashion offers viewers an exhilarating journey through the realm of high fashion.

Brief Overview of “Next In Fashion”

Produced by Robin Ashbrook and Yasmin Shackleton, Next In Fashion brings together eighteen talented designers who compete against each other in a series of fashion challenges. Each episode presents a unique theme or concept that requires contestants to showcase their skills in design innovation and trendsetting aesthetics. Throughout the season, designers are tested on various aspects such as fabric selection, garment construction techniques, and adaptation to evolving trends.

The elimination-style format keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as one designer is eliminated per episode until only one remains. The grand prize includes $250,000 (USD) in cash and an opportunity to debut a collection on popular luxury e-commerce platform Net-a-Porter.

Introduction to the Talented Cast Members

At the helm of this sartorial spectacle are two notable figures from the fashion industry – Tan France and Alexa Chung. As hosts and mentors on Next In Fashion, they bring their wealth of experience and expertise to guide and inspire aspiring designers throughout their journey. Tan France stands tall as one-fourth of Queer Eye’s fabulous “Fab Five” but has also established himself as a respected authority in personal style.

With his extensive background in fashion retail and styling for big names like Vogue magazine, France’s keen eye for detail enables him to offer valuable critique while nurturing creativity. Alexa Chung adds her undeniable charm alongside France as co-host and mentor.

This British fashion model turned designer has graced the covers of numerous magazines and has become a style icon in her own right. Chung’s unique blend of vintage-inspired fashion, contemporary flair, and love for experimentation makes her an ideal judge to assess the contestants’ creations.

Together, France and Chung create a dynamic duo primed to inspire, educate, and challenge the aspiring designers on Next In Fashion. Their expertise, combined with their personable nature, sets the stage for an unforgettable journey into the world of high fashion.

With this talented cast leading the charge in Next In Fashion’s exhilarating competition format, viewers can expect nothing short of dazzling designs, dramatic moments, and unforgettable runway showcases. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the individual cast members’ backgrounds and explore their contributions to this extraordinary series.

Main Cast Members

Tan France – The Fashion Guru

Within the captivating world of “Next In Fashion,” one cannot ignore the enigmatic presence of Tan France, the true embodiment of a fashion guru. With an illustrious background in fashion and styling, France brings his extensive knowledge and impeccable taste to guide the competing designers towards greatness. His notable role as one of the Fab Five on Netflix’s hit show “Queer Eye” has catapulted him into international recognition, establishing him as a beloved figure in the realm of style and self-expression.

Born and raised in England, France’s journey into the fashion industry began at an early age when he started working for his family’s clothing business. This hands-on experience gave him invaluable insight into garment construction, tailoring techniques, and understanding customer preferences.

Later on, he moved to London to pursue a career in fashion design. However, it was France’s passion for menswear that truly set him apart.

With his keen eye for detail and unwavering confidence, he has become renowned for transforming men’s wardrobes across cultural boundaries and challenging societal norms regarding masculinity. His expertise lies not only in outfitting individuals but also helping them discover their unique style identities.

In “Next In Fashion,” Tan France stands as an inspiring mentor and advisor to aspiring designers, offering guidance on every aspect of their creations. From fabric selection to styling tips, he helps contestants refine their visions while encouraging them to push boundaries and create sartorial masterpieces that reflect their own artistic sensibilities.

Alexa Chung – The Style Icon

In the dazzling world of fashion icons, Alexa Chung reigns supreme with her distinctive sense of style and unparalleled creativity. As a British fashion model turned television personality, Chung has seamlessly transitioned from walking runways to becoming a prominent figure in the fashion industry as a designer, writer, and muse. Born and raised in Hampshire, England, Chung’s entrĂ©e into the fashion world began at an early age.

Her unique aesthetic flair quickly caught the attention of designers and photographers, leading her to embark on a successful modeling career. Her ability to effortlessly blend classic elegance with contemporary edge has become her signature style.

Not content with being solely in front of the camera, Chung ventured into design and launched her eponymous clothing label. Known for its vintage-inspired pieces infused with modern elements, her collections showcase her distinctive taste and creative prowess.

Additionally, she has collaborated with renowned brands such as Mulberry and Marks & Spencer. On “Next In Fashion,” Alexa Chung brings her wealth of experience and innate fashion sense to the judging panel.

Her critical eye for design aesthetics enables her to provide valuable feedback to contestants while inspiring them with her own unique brand of creativity. With each episode, Chung’s presence serves as a reminder that fashion is not merely about trends but about genuine artistic expression.

Contestants – Designers Extraordinaire

One of the most captivating aspects of “Next In Fashion” is the diverse group of talented designers who compete on the show. Representing various cultural backgrounds and design aesthetics, these designers bring a unique flair to their creations. From avant-garde visionaries to those who blend traditional elements with modern styles, each contestant adds their own artistic perspective to the competition.

Angel Chen – Chinese designer known for blending traditional Chinese elements with modern aesthetics

An absolute standout among the contestants is Angel Chen, a visionary Chinese designer whose ability to blend traditional Chinese elements with contemporary aesthetics has earned her widespread acclaim. What sets her apart is her fearless use of vibrant colors and intricate embroidery, which infuse her designs with energy and cultural symbolism.

Chen’s creations not only celebrate her heritage but also push boundaries in fashion by reimagining how traditional elements can be integrated into modern designs. Beyond her remarkable talent as a designer, Angel Chen’s collaborations with major brands like H&M have catapulted her into international recognition.

These collaborations have allowed Chen’s unique fusion of cultural influences and cutting-edge design sensibilities to reach a wider audience. By seamlessly combining East and West in her creations, she has become an influential figure in the fashion industry.

Minju Kim – South Korean designer with a whimsical approach to fashion

Another standout contestant on “Next In Fashion” is Minju Kim, a South Korean designer renowned for her whimsical approach to fashion. Kim’s designs are characterized by their playful use of bold patterns, textures, and unconventional silhouettes that challenge conventional notions of what clothing can be. Her imaginative creations bring an element of joyfulness and childlike wonder to the runway.

In 2013, Minju Kim won the prestigious H&M Design Award, a testament to her exceptional talent and the recognition she has garnered within the industry. This accolade served as a pivotal moment in her career, propelling her forward and opening doors for further collaborations and opportunities.

Kim’s ability to artfully blend fantasy with wearability has earned her a dedicated following of fashion enthusiasts who eagerly anticipate her next groundbreaking design. The diverse range of contestants on “Next In Fashion” ensures a captivating competition filled with innovative ideas and boundary-pushing designs.

Through their unique cultural backgrounds and artistic visions, designers like Angel Chen and Minju Kim showcase the vast possibilities within the world of fashion. Their presence not only adds excitement to the show but also highlights the importance of embracing diversity and celebrating individual creativity in this ever-evolving industry.

Challenges – Pushing Boundaries in Fashion Design

Description of the various design challenges faced by contestants on “Next In Fashion”

The reality competition show “Next In Fashion” pushes contestants to their creative limits through a series of exhilarating design challenges. These challenges test their ability to think outside the box, innovate, and deliver breathtaking designs that showcase their unique vision.

From unconventional materials to time constraints, each challenge presents a new opportunity for the designers to push boundaries and showcase their talent. One notable challenge on the show is the “Red Carpet Glamour” task.

Contestants are tasked with creating show-stopping looks suitable for celebrities attending high-profile events. This challenge requires careful consideration of fit, fabric choice, and overall impact.

Designers must create garments that not only highlight the wearer’s personality but also capture attention on red carpets crowded with fashion-forward A-listers. It requires a delicate balance between elegance, style, and drama.


One standout example from the “Red Carpet Glamour” challenge was when a contestant opted for an ethereal gown made entirely from biodegradable materials such as recycled plastic bottles and algae-based sequins. The commitment to sustainability combined with exquisite craftsmanship attracted widespread praise from both judges and fellow competitors. In another instance, a designer took inspiration from architectural elements seen in famous buildings around the world.

Their creation featured structured silhouettes resembling iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Guggenheim Museum, adding an avant-garde twist to traditional red carpet attire. Contestants must navigate these challenges while considering factors such as individual body types, personal styles of celebrities they envision wearing their designs, and staying true to their creative vision throughout the process.


Through its captivating challenges and talented cast members, “Next In Fashion” provides viewers with an immersive journey into the world of contemporary fashion design. The show’s emphasis on pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and celebrating diversity in design ensures an exhilarating and eye-opening experience for both contestants and audience members. As the designers face each challenge head-on, they inspire viewers with their determination, creativity, and ability to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their dreams.

“Next In Fashion” showcases the power of fashion to transcend boundaries and ignite a global conversation about style, artistry, and self-expression. With its vibrant energy and unwavering commitment to showcasing cutting-edge fashion talent, “Next In Fashion” reminds us that the world of design is brimming with limitless possibilities.

It encourages viewers to embrace their own unique perspectives and push the boundaries in their chosen fields. As we witness these aspiring designers on their quest for greatness, we are left with a renewed sense of excitement for what lies ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion.


Who were the judges on “Next In Fashion”?

The judges on “Next In Fashion” were fashion icons Tan France and Alexa Chung.

Who won “Next In Fashion” Season 1?

The winners of Season 1 of “Next In Fashion” were designers Minh-Ha T. Pham and Angelo Cruciani.

Were there any famous guest appearances?

Yes, the show featured guest appearances from renowned fashion designers and industry experts throughout the season.

How can I watch “Next In Fashion” online?

“Next In Fashion” can be streamed on Netflix, where all episodes of the show are available for viewing.

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