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Next In Fashion: Exploring the Rising Stars of Haute Couture With the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry, innovative designers are emerging from unexpected corners of the world, ready to challenge conventions and captivate audiences.

“Next In Fashion” serves as a platform that showcases these rising stars and provides them with an opportunity to make their mark on a global stage. This reality competition series, hosted by renowned stylist Tan France and designer Alexa Chung, takes viewers on an exhilarating journey as talented designers compete for the ultimate recognition.

Brief Overview of the show “Next In Fashion”

“Next In Fashion” is a groundbreaking fashion competition show that premiered on Netflix in 2020. Spanning over ten thrilling episodes, it follows sixteen talented designers from all walks of life who battle it out in various design challenges to win a staggering prize of $250,000 and an exclusive opportunity to debut their collection with luxury fashion retailer Net-a-Porter.

The show masterfully blends high-stakes drama with insightful critiques from esteemed guest judges such as designer Tommy Hilfiger, celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart, and acclaimed fashion journalist Eva Chen. Each episode presents unique design challenges based on specific themes or occasions, pushing contestants to demonstrate their creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to innovate under intense time constraints.

Introduction to Bao: An Extraordinary Talent

Amongst these exceptional contestants stands Bao Luu – a visionary designer whose ingenuity has captivated both judges and viewers alike. Born into a family rooted deeply in artistic traditions in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Bao’s creative journey was shaped by his rich cultural heritage combined with his relentless pursuit of challenging societal norms through his designs. Bao’s distinct aesthetic vision shines through his creations as he seamlessly merges intricate craftsmanship with a contemporary twist.

His designs celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability, reflecting his unwavering belief that fashion can be a powerful vehicle for social change. With an innate ability to fuse traditional techniques with futuristic elements, Bao’s style is both avant-garde and wearable.

Teaser of Bao’s Unparalleled Style

What truly sets Bao apart is not only his remarkable technical skills but also his ability to infuse storytelling into every garment he creates. Each piece tells a narrative, offering glimpses into his personal experiences and the world around him. From garments adorned with delicate hand-embroidered symbols of resilience to audacious silhouettes inspired by architectural wonders, Bao’s designs evoke emotions and provoke thought.

Bao’s unique perspective challenges the status quo of the fashion industry and pushes boundaries while still remaining true to his roots. Throughout “Next In Fashion,” viewers will witness Bao’s relentless pursuit of excellence, witnessing firsthand how he transforms fabrics into art that transcends mere clothing.

Background on Bao

Early life and upbringing

Bao’s journey into the world of fashion was significantly influenced by their early life and cultural background. Born into a family rich in traditional values, Bao grew up surrounded by the vibrant tapestry of Asian heritage. Their upbringing instilled in them a deep appreciation for intricate craftsmanship, bold colors, and graceful silhouettes.

Bao’s parents, both skilled artisans themselves, imparted valuable knowledge about textiles, patterns, and design aesthetics from a young age. Growing up in a bustling metropolis infused with diverse cultures further enriched Bao’s fashion sense.

The amalgamation of Eastern and Western influences prevalent in their surroundings allowed for an eclectic mix of styles to permeate their creative mind. From the opulence of ancient imperial robes to the sleek lines of contemporary streetwear, Bao effortlessly assimilated these contrasting elements into their unique fashion sensibilities.

Educational background and relevant experiences

Bolstering their natural inclination towards fashion, Bao pursued formal education to refine their skills. They attended prestigious art schools where they honed their technical abilities while expanding their understanding of design principles.

Through rigorous training in garment construction techniques, fabric manipulation, and conceptual thinking, Bao developed a strong foundation upon which they could build their future career. Their educational journey was complemented by various practical experiences within the industry.

During internships at renowned fashion houses and collaborations with emerging designers, Bao had the opportunity to delve deeper into different facets of the trade. These experiences provided invaluable insights into production processes, client interactions, trend forecasting, and marketing strategies—essential aspects that contributed to shaping them as a well-rounded creative force.

Career progression in the fashion industry

Before captivating audiences on “Next In Fashion,” Bao already showcased immense talent through notable collaborations and projects within the fashion industry. Their career trajectory was marked by a series of milestones that further solidified their position as an influential figure in the field. Bao’s collaborations with established designers allowed them to garner attention and establish a strong network within the industry.

Whether it was working on capsule collections for luxury brands or creating avant-garde pieces for high-profile runway shows, Bao’s portfolio revealed not only technical expertise but also an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms. This fearlessness in experimentation led to their work being featured in prestigious fashion publications and applauded by critics, earning them recognition as a rising star long before their appearance on the global stage of “Next In Fashion.”

Style evolution and signature aesthetic

Throughout their journey, Bao underwent a remarkable style evolution, refining their aesthetic while staying true to their roots. From the early years of experimenting with bold prints and intricate embroidery, they gradually transitioned into embracing minimalist designs that exude elegance through clean lines and impeccable tailoring.

This shift reflected Bao’s inclination towards merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary silhouettes. A signature aesthetic gradually emerged from Bao’s body of work—an aesthetic characterized by juxtaposing elements of delicacy and strength, tradition and innovation.

Their designs often embody a sense of duality, effortlessly blending softness with architectural forms or marrying unexpected materials seamlessly. By expertly intertwining cultural influences with modern sensibilities, Bao has carved out a distinctive voice in the fashion landscape—a voice that would soon captivate audiences worldwide on “Next In Fashion.”

Journey on “Next In Fashion”

Selection process for contestants and how Bao stood out among competitors

Being chosen as a contestant on “Next In Fashion” is no small feat. The selection process entailed a rigorous evaluation of each designer’s portfolio, skillset, and unique perspective on fashion.

Bao’s entry caught the attention of the judges due to their remarkable ability to blend traditional cultural influences with modern trends seamlessly. Their innovative concepts and meticulous craftsmanship demonstrated a level of creativity that set them apart from the competition.

Challenges faced during the competition

The intense competition on “Next In Fashion” brought forth numerous challenges that tested Bao’s design capabilities under pressure. From time-constrained assignments to collaborative tasks, each challenge demanded not only technical skills but also adaptability and a keen eye for detail. Bao faced various obstacles throughout the show, including limited resources, tight deadlines, and unexpected twists that shook their confidence.

Highlighting specific design challenges where Bao excelled or struggled

Throughout their journey on “Next In Fashion,” there were instances where Bao excelled in pushing creative boundaries while staying true to their distinctive style. One notable design challenge revolved around creating an avant-garde ensemble inspired by architecture. With meticulous research and careful consideration of architectural principles, Bao crafted a breathtaking garment that flawlessly translated structural elements into wearable art.

However, not every challenge came easily to Bao. An instance where they faced considerable difficulty was during a team-based task focused on streetwear reinvention.

Collaborating with a partner whose vision differed significantly from theirs presented unforeseen hurdles in finding cohesion within the assigned collection. It required skillful negotiation and compromise for both designers to merge their contrasting aesthetics successfully.

Strategies employed by Bao to overcome obstacles

Bao’s ability to overcome challenges was a testament to their resilience and resourcefulness. To navigate the pressures of the competition, they relied on a combination of meticulous planning, open-mindedness, and effective time management. Bao’s strategic approach involved conducting thorough research on each challenge, seeking inspiration from unconventional sources, and sketching multiple design concepts before settling on one.

Furthermore, Bao’s willingness to collaborate and communicate effectively with teammates enabled them to find common ground in challenging situations. They understood the importance of compromise while preserving their unique design perspective.

By fostering an environment of trust and respect within their team, Bao ensured that every decision was made collectively and that their expertise contributed significantly to the final outcome. In times of self-doubt or creative blockages, Bao found solace in seeking feedback from mentors and other contestants.

Their ability to accept constructive criticism graciously allowed them to grow as a designer throughout the competition. With determination as their driving force, Bao constantly pushed themselves beyond their comfort zone while maintaining an unwavering belief in their artistic vision.

Overall, Bao’s journey on “Next In Fashion” exemplified not only exceptional talent but also genuine tenacity. They proved themselves as a formidable contender by overcoming challenges head-on with strategic thinking, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

Design Philosophy and Approach

Exploration of Bao’s Unique Design Philosophy

Bao’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in the principles of sustainability, inclusivity, and functionality. They believe that fashion should not only be visually appealing but also environmentally conscious and accessible to all.

Bao’s approach is centered around creating garments that have a minimal impact on the planet and contribute positively to society. Their vision is to redefine the fashion industry by promoting ethical practices, embracing diversity, and challenging conventional norms.

Emphasis on Sustainability, Inclusivity, or Other Relevant Themes

Sustainability lies at the heart of Bao’s design process. They prioritize using eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and innovative fabrics made from renewable resources. Bao also focuses on reducing waste by implementing zero-waste pattern cutting techniques and repurposing leftover fabric scraps into new designs or accessories.

Inclusivity is another key aspect of Bao’s work. They celebrate diversity by creating clothing that can be worn by individuals of various body shapes, sizes, genders, and cultural backgrounds.

Bao believes that fashion should be inclusive and empowering for everyone. They actively seek feedback from a diverse group of individuals during their design process to ensure that their creations meet the needs and desires of a wide range of people.

How this Philosophy is Reflected in Their Work

Bao’s commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their creations. From sourcing ethical materials to designing versatile pieces with longevity in mind, they strive to minimize waste throughout production while maintaining high-quality craftsmanship. Their attention to detail ensures that each garment has a timeless appeal rather than following fleeting trends.

In terms of inclusivity, Bao incorporates thoughtful design elements such as adjustable features, adaptable silhouettes, and inclusive sizing options into their pieces. By considering different body types and accommodating diverse needs, Bao’s designs empower individuals to express their unique style confidently.

Design Process Insights

Creative Inspiration Sources for Designs

Bao draws inspiration from various sources, blending cultural references, nature, architecture, and art into their designs. They find inspiration in traditional textiles from different cultures worldwide and reinterpret them with a contemporary twist.

Bao’s collection might feature intricate patterns inspired by Japanese origami or the vibrant colors of Mexican textiles. By combining these influences with their own innovative ideas, Bao creates visually captivating garments that bridge the gap between tradition and modernity.

Techniques or Materials Frequently Used by Bao

Bao employs a range of techniques to bring their visions to life. They skillfully combine draping, tailoring, and experimental pattern cutting methods to achieve unique shapes and silhouettes in their garments. Additionally, they often incorporate handcrafted details like embroidery or embellishments inspired by traditional craftsmanship.

When it comes to materials, Bao is known for using sustainable fabrics like organic hemp or bamboo fabric that offer comfort and durability while meeting ethical standards. They also experiment with upcycled materials by repurposing vintage fabrics or salvaging discarded textiles to give them new life.

Bao’s design philosophy revolves around sustainability, inclusivity, functionality, and pushing boundaries within the fashion industry. Their commitment to environmentally friendly practices is reflected in their choice of materials and zero-waste approach.

Simultaneously, they prioritize creating designs that celebrate diversity and cater to a broad range of individuals through adjustable features and inclusive sizing options. Through careful attention to detail in their design process and drawing inspiration from various sources such as culture and nature, Bao continues to create innovative yet timeless pieces admired by many fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Achievements beyond the show

Post-“Next In Fashion” success stories

The journey of Bao on “Next In Fashion” was undoubtedly a stepping stone towards a brilliant future in the fashion industry. Following the show, Bao experienced significant success and gained widespread recognition for their exceptional talent. Their unique design aesthetic and innovative approach to fashion captivated industry insiders, leading to numerous opportunities and collaborations.

Notable collaborations or partnerships after the show

Bao’s exceptional skills and distinctive style caught the attention of renowned fashion houses and influential figures within the industry. Soon after “Next In Fashion,” they embarked on a series of remarkable collaborations that showcased their ability to bring fresh perspectives to established brands. One such collaboration was with a luxury shoe designer known for their avant-garde designs.

Bao’s expertise in creating striking silhouettes perfectly complemented the designer’s vision, resulting in an exclusive collection that turned heads on runways worldwide. Another noteworthy partnership involved teaming up with an eco-conscious clothing label committed to sustainable fashion practices.

Bao’s passion for sustainability aligned seamlessly with the brand’s values, leading to a collection that fused environmental consciousness with cutting-edge design. The collaboration generated substantial buzz within both fashion circles and activist communities, further cementing Bao’s status as a rising star in the industry.

Impact made in the fashion industry

Bao’s impact has extended far beyond successful collaborations alone; they have become instrumental in pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms within the fashion industry. Their innovative designs have inspired other designers to embrace bold experimentation while still maintaining functionality and wearability. As an advocate for inclusivity, Bao has also been actively involved in projects promoting diversity within fashion.

They have lent their voice and artistic flair to campaigns dedicated to celebrating models of all backgrounds, sizes, abilities, and gender expressions. By championing inclusivity, Bao has catalyzed a positive shift in the fashion industry, encouraging designers and brands to redefine beauty standards and embrace diversity as a core value.

Recognition and awards received by Bao

Bao’s exceptional talent has not gone unnoticed within the fashion world. Since their breakthrough on “Next In Fashion,” they have received numerous accolades for their contributions to the industry.

In recognition of their remarkable design skills and commitment to sustainability, Bao was awarded the prestigious “Fashion Innovator of the Year” at a renowned fashion event. Additionally, Bao’s groundbreaking collaborations and impact on inclusivity garnered them a nomination for the “Fashion Changemaker Award” presented by an influential fashion organization.

This nomination further solidified Bao’s reputation as a visionary designer with immense potential to shape the future of fashion. Bao’s post-“Next In Fashion” journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

From forging meaningful partnerships with established brands to advocating for inclusivity and sustainability in fashion, they have made a lasting impact on the industry. With each achievement, collaboration, and award earned post-show, Bao continues to carve out their unique place in the ever-evolving realm of fashion while inspiring others along the way.

Personal Life and Inspirations

An Intimate Glimpse into Bao’s World

Behind the captivating designs and dazzling runway moments, Bao is an artist whose personal life and inspirations provide a deeper understanding of their creative process. Raised in a small town, Bao’s upbringing was steeped in rich cultural traditions that continue to shape their fashion sense today. The vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and delicate craftsmanship of their heritage are often reflected in Bao’s designs.

Their childhood memories of family gatherings, adorned with traditional garments and accessories, serve as a constant source of inspiration. Beyond their cultural roots, Bao draws inspiration from various aspects of daily life.

They find beauty in the mundane, often seeking creative fuel from observing ordinary objects or interactions. Whether it be the gracefulness of a dancer’s movements or the juxtaposition of textures found in nature, Bao possesses an uncanny ability to extract inspiration from even the most unlikely sources.

Finding Inspiration Amidst Chaos

Bao’s personal life journey has not been without its challenges. Like any artist pursuing their passion amidst relentless chaos, they have faced moments of self-doubt and uncertainty. However, it is precisely these obstacles that have fueled their growth as both a person and a designer.

Bao understands that life’s struggles can be transformed into stories woven into fabric; each stitch represents resilience triumphing over adversity. In addition to personal experiences, Bao finds inspiration from prominent figures within the fashion industry who have broken barriers and challenged conventions.

Icons like Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood inspire them to push boundaries while embracing authenticity in their work. By continuously seeking out new perspectives and exploring unconventional avenues for creativity, Bao remains at the forefront of innovation.


In this exploration of Next In Fashion contestant Bao’s personal life and inspirations, we have gained a glimpse into the world that fuels their incredible artistic endeavors. From their culturally influenced upbringing to their ability to find inspiration in the minutiae of everyday life, Bao’s creativity knows no bounds. Their resilience in the face of challenges and dedication to authenticity are admirable qualities that translate into jaw-dropping designs.

Bao’s journey on “Next In Fashion” is merely a stepping stone in their ever-evolving career. With each design, they continue to break barriers and redefine what it means to create fashion with meaning and purpose.

As we eagerly await Bao’s future projects and collaborations, let us remember that true artistry goes beyond the fabric—it touches hearts, sparks conversations, and leaves an indelible mark on the industry. In an industry often criticized for its excesses and superficiality, Bao stands as a beacon of hope—a reminder that fashion has the power to transform not only appearances but also attitudes.

Through their personal life experiences and boundless inspirations, Bao inspires us all to embrace our unique narratives and channel them into something beautiful. So let us celebrate this incredible artist who reminds us that fashion is not just about clothes; it is a medium through which stories are told, cultures are honored, and dreams are realized.

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