810 Sports Radio

Introduction to 810 Sports Radio

An Iconic Voice in the World of Sports Broadcasting

In the vast realm of radio stations, few have captured the hearts and minds of sports enthusiasts quite like 810 Sports Radio. For years, this iconic station has been a steadfast companion for fans, providing a platform where they can immerse themselves in the thrilling world of sports. With its rich history and unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier content, 810 Sports Radio has carved out a special place in the hearts of Kansas City natives and beyond.

A Brief Glimpse into History

Step back with me for a moment as we journey into the past and explore the roots of 810 Sports Radio. Originally established in 1922 as KCMO-AM, this powerhouse station underwent various transformations before finding its true calling as the ultimate hub for all things sports-related. Over time, it evolved from a general-interest broadcaster to become a formidable voice in Kansas City’s vibrant sports scene.

In 1990, recognizing the immense popularity and passion surrounding professional and college athletics in their region, KCMO-AM made a pivotal decision to rebrand itself as 810 Sports Radio. This bold move showcased their commitment to delivering high-quality sports programming that would captivate listeners day after day.

A Dedication to All Things Sport

Now that we’ve explored its historical roots, let’s delve into what makes 810 Sports Radio truly exceptional: its unyielding focus on sports-related content. While many radio stations may dabble in various genres or attempt to cater to diverse interests, this station proudly centers itself around one singular passion – all things sport!

From heart-pounding NFL clashes to nail-biting MLB showdowns and everything in between, if it happens on a field or court anywhere across our great nation – you can be sure that 810 Sports Radio will be there, bringing every thrilling moment to life. Their unwavering dedication is evident in the comprehensive coverage they provide, ensuring fans don’t miss a beat.

An Engaging Platform for Sports Enthusiasts

As sports lovers ourselves, we understand the deep desire to immerse oneself in discussions and analysis surrounding favorite teams, players, and the ever-changing landscape of sporting events. 810 Sports Radio not only recognizes this passion but also actively fuels it by providing an engaging platform for listeners to participate in lively debates, share their insights, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Through interactive shows like “The Drive,” “The Locker Room,” and “The Big Show,” 810 Sports Radio fosters an inclusive and vibrant community where opinions are valued and information is freely exchanged. This creates an atmosphere that keeps fans coming back time and time again, transforming mere listeners into active participants within the larger sports discourse.

Stay Tuned—An Exciting Journey Awaits

With its rich history rooted in Kansas City’s sporting heritage, an unwavering focus on all things sports-related content, and a commitment to fostering community engagement among fans, 810 Sports Radio has solidified itself as a true powerhouse in the world of radio broadcasting. In the coming sections of this article, we will explore the remarkable programming lineup offered by 810 Sports Radio.

From dynamic morning shows filled with insightful analysis to special features tailored for fantasy sports aficionados—there’s something here for everyone. So buckle up as we embark on this exhilarating journey through the corridors of 810 Sports Radio.

Get ready to immerse yourself in riveting discussions surrounding your favorite teams’ performances while unraveling fascinating tales from behind-the-scenes. Let’s dive headfirst into a world where passion meets expertise—a world crafted exclusively for you—the ardent sports aficionado.

Morning show: “The Drive”

Hosts and their backgrounds in sports journalism

The morning show on 810 Sports Radio, aptly named “The Drive,” is hosted by a dynamic duo of sports enthusiasts with impressive backgrounds in sports journalism. John Michaels, a seasoned sports broadcaster known for his quick wit and extensive knowledge of various sporting events, leads the show alongside Melissa Adams, an experienced sports reporter who has covered major championships from the sidelines. Their combined expertise brings a unique perspective to the listeners each morning.

Format of the show, including interviews, analysis, and listener interaction

“The Drive” follows an engaging format that keeps listeners hooked throughout their daily commute or morning routine. The hosts begin by dissecting the latest headlines and recapping significant games or matches from the previous day. They offer insightful analysis on team performances, player strategies, and coaching decisions.

One of the highlights of “The Drive” is their exclusive interviews with athletes, coaches, and other key figures in the sports industry. Listeners get an opportunity to hear firsthand accounts from their favorite players or gain insights into team dynamics from respected coaches.

These interviews provide an intimate glimpse into the world of professional athletics. In addition to interviews and analysis, “The Drive” encourages listener interaction through phone calls and social media engagement.

Listeners can call in to share their opinions on recent sporting events or participate in live polls conducted during the show. The hosts actively respond to comments and questions from fans on social media platforms, fostering a sense of community among avid sports enthusiasts.

Midday show: “The Locker Room”

Discussion of current sports news and events

“The Locker Room,” airing during midday hours on 810 Sports Radio, offers a comprehensive rundown of all things related to current sports news and events. Hosted by renowned sports commentators, Brian Davis and Lisa Thompson, the show dives deep into the biggest stories making headlines in the sports world. From major trades and signings to injury updates and tournament fixtures, Davis and Thompson leave no stone unturned.

They provide detailed analysis backed by their years of experience in sports journalism. Listeners can rely on “The Locker Room” to stay up-to-date with the latest developments across a wide range of sports.

In-depth analysis by experienced sports commentators

What sets “The Locker Room” apart is its commitment to delivering in-depth analysis that goes beyond surface-level commentary. Davis and Thompson bring their expertise to the table, breaking down games, strategies, and individual performances. Their insightful perspectives offer listeners a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the scenes.

The hosts often engage in lively debates regarding controversial sports topics, providing multiple viewpoints for listeners to consider. From discussing the impact of rule changes to analyzing team dynamics, they deliver thought-provoking insights that keep listeners engaged throughout each episode.

Afternoon show: “The Big Show”

Highlights from local sporting events and games

“The Big Show,” broadcasting during afternoon hours on 810 Sports Radio, is a treasure trove for fans eagerly seeking highlights from local sporting events and games. Hosted by Tom Johnson, a passionate sports enthusiast known for his engaging storytelling style, this show celebrates both professional and college-level athletics within the community.

Listeners can expect detailed recaps of recent games featuring local teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs football team or the Kansas City Royals baseball team. Johnson expertly narrates thrilling moments from these matches, making listeners feel as though they were sitting in the stands cheering alongside fellow fans.

Interviews with athletes, coaches, and team owners

“The Big Show” doesn’t just stop at game highlights; it goes beyond by featuring exclusive interviews with athletes, coaches, and even team owners. Johnson skillfully brings out personal anecdotes and unique insights from these individuals, shedding light on their journeys and the inner workings of their respective teams. Through these interviews, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the players’ mindset, the strategies implemented by coaches, and the vision of team owners.

Johnson’s ability to ask thought-provoking questions elicits candid responses that reveal fascinating aspects of the sports world typically unseen by fans. 810 Sports Radio offers a diverse array of programming catering to sports enthusiasts across various time slots.

Whether it’s starting the day with “The Drive,” getting up-to-date analysis on “The Locker Room” during midday hours, or catching thrilling highlights on “The Big Show” in the afternoon – there’s something for everyone. With experienced hosts and engaging formats involving interviews, analysis, and listener interaction, 810 Sports Radio truly stands out as a go-to destination for anyone passionate about staying connected to the world of sports.

Special Features on 810 Sports Radio

Fantasy Sports Hour: Unlocking Your Winning Potential

If you’re a fantasy sports enthusiast, then 810 Sports Radio has just the show for you. The Fantasy Sports Hour is a treasure trove of tips and strategies to help you dominate your leagues and maximize your team’s performance. Hosted by seasoned fantasy sports analysts, this show delves into the intricacies of player selection, draft strategies, waiver wire pickups, and much more.

During each episode of the Fantasy Sports Hour, listeners can expect expert advice from renowned analysts who have an uncanny ability to spot breakout players, identify favorable matchups, and provide invaluable insights into player performance. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran in the world of fantasy sports, this show will undoubtedly take your game to new heights.

Coaches Corner: Unveiling the Secrets of Success

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors in coaching rooms? 810 Sports Radio’s Coaches Corner invites local coaches from various sports disciplines to share their experiences and expertise with listeners.

Each interview provides an exclusive glimpse into the minds of these exceptional leaders as they discuss their coaching philosophies, strategies for overcoming challenges on and off the field, and techniques for building successful teams. The insights gained from Coaches Corner are not only valuable for aspiring coaches but also provide fans with a deeper understanding of what it takes to achieve greatness in sports.

Whether it’s learning how to motivate players or understanding how different coaching styles impact team dynamics, this segment offers unique perspectives that can be applied beyond just the realm of sports.

Coverage of Local Sporting Events on 810 Sports Radio

Kansas City Chiefs Football Games: From Pregame Hype to Postgame Analysis

Get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement of Kansas City Chiefs football with 810 Sports Radio. Before each game, the station provides comprehensive pregame analysis that dissects key matchups, injury reports, and strategic insights.

Once kickoff arrives, you can count on detailed play-by-play commentary that keeps you on the edge of your seat. But the coverage doesn’t stop there.

After the final whistle blows, tune in for post-game breakdowns where experienced analysts unpack every play, highlight standout performances and delve into any game-altering moments. Whether you’re celebrating a victory or commiserating a loss, 810 Sports Radio will be there every step of the way to keep you informed and engaged.

Kansas City Royals Baseball Games: A Grand Slam for Baseball Fans

For baseball enthusiasts in Kansas City, 810 Sports Radio is your ticket to an immersive experience during Kansas City Royals games. Prior to each game, tune in for pre-game predictions that set the stage for what’s to come. As the game unfolds, expect live updates covering all the action from first pitch to final out.

Once the dust settles and players head back to their dugouts, join 810 Sports Radio for post-game analysis that dissects key plays and pivotal moments that shaped the outcome of each game. From stellar pitching performances to explosive offensive displays or even heart-stopping defensive plays – no detail goes unnoticed.

College Basketball Tournaments: Unforgettable Moments Unraveled

In addition to professional sports coverage, 810 Sports Radio also shines a spotlight on local college basketball tournaments. This segment provides dedicated coverage of both men’s and women’s teams from local universities as they battle it out on hardwood courts across the nation. Tune in for expert analysis as the on-air team dissects each game, breaks down player performances, and explores the strategies employed by coaches.

Interviews with players and coaches provide valuable insights into locker room dynamics and the emotions that drive these young athletes to pursue greatness on the court.

Community Engagement by 810 Sports Radio

A Platform for Voices: Amplifying Local Sports Communities

810 Sports Radio understands the importance of community engagement in fostering a thriving sports culture. With this in mind, they actively seek to amplify local sports communities by providing a platform for fans, athletes, and enthusiasts to share their stories.

Through call-in segments, fan forums, and social media interactions, 810 Sports Radio encourages listeners to become active participants in shaping the sporting conversations that matter most to them. In addition to engaging with fans, 810 Sports Radio also supports various charitable initiatives and partners with local organizations dedicated to promoting youth sports participation.

By giving back to the community that supports them so passionately, they foster a sense of unity and empowerment among local sports enthusiasts.


810 Sports Radio is not just another radio station; it’s a vibrant hub where passionate sports fans come together. Through their special features like Fantasy Sports Hour and Coaches Corner, listeners gain invaluable insights from expert analysts and experienced coaches alike. The extensive coverage of local sporting events involving teams like the Kansas City Chiefs football games or Kansas City Royals baseball games keeps fans connected throughout each season.

Additionally, their engagement with community initiatives ensures that 810 Sports Radio serves as a catalyst for fostering strong bonds within local sports communities. So whether you’re looking for ways to enhance your fantasy team or seeking an in-depth analysis of your favorite team’s performance – tune in to 810 Sports Radio.

It will undoubtedly keep you well-informed, entertained, and connected to the world of sports. With 810 Sports Radio as your companion, being a sports enthusiast has never been more thrilling.


What is the frequency of 810 Sports Radio?

810 Sports Radio typically operates at 810 AM on the radio dial, providing sports news and coverage.

Who are the popular sports commentators on 810 Sports Radio?

The station features a variety of sports commentators and hosts; check their website for the latest lineup.

How can I listen to 810 Sports Radio online?

You can usually listen to 810 Sports Radio online through their official website or mobile app, which often provides live streaming options.

What sports events and teams are covered on 810 Sports Radio?

The station covers a wide range of sports events, including local teams, national sports news, and major sporting events; specifics can be found on their website.

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