790 Sports Radio

Introduction to 790 Sports Radio

The Powerhouse of Sports Broadcasting

When it comes to the world of sports radio, there is one station that stands head and shoulders above the rest: 790 Sports Radio. Known for its captivating programming and insightful analysis, this station has become a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts all around the country. With its finger on the pulse of the latest sports news, engaging hosts, and a loyal fan base, 790 Sports Radio has cemented its place as a powerhouse in the industry.

An Overview of 790 Sports Radio

790 Sports Radio has gained immense popularity for many reasons. One of its defining features is its ability to deliver an exceptional listening experience through a diverse range of shows that cover all aspects of sports. From morning to night, this station offers an array of programming designed to entertain and inform.

The hosts on 790 Sports Radio are undeniably charismatic and excel at creating engaging discussions around current sports events. Their dynamic personalities bring a unique flavor to each show, making them relatable figures for listeners who eagerly tune in day after day.

785 Sports Radio also prides itself on being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in broadcasting. With state-of-the-art equipment, their sound quality is unparalleled, ensuring that every word spoken on air resonates with fans across the airwaves.

A Brief History with Lasting Impact

To understand why 790 Sports Radio commands such respect in the industry today, we must delve into its remarkable history. The station was founded over two decades ago with a vision to revolutionize how sports were covered on radio. From modest beginnings as a local station with limited reach, it quickly gained traction among avid sports fans craving in-depth discussions and expert analysis.

As time went on, 790 Sports Radio expanded its reach by acquiring talented broadcasters and securing partnerships with major sports leagues. This growth allowed them to provide comprehensive coverage of not only professional sports but also local high school teams, fostering a deeper connection with the community.

This station’s impact on the sports broadcasting industry cannot be overstated. It set a new standard for sports radio, inspiring other stations to follow suit and elevate their programming.

790 Sports Radio’s success demonstrated that in-depth analysis and engaging personalities were key ingredients for capturing the hearts and ears of avid fans. 790 Sports Radio is more than just a radio station; it is a cornerstone of the sports broadcasting industry.

With its captivating programming, dedicated hosts, and historical impact, it has become synonymous with quality coverage and unrivaled entertainment for sports enthusiasts nationwide. Tune in to this powerhouse of sports radio, where passion meets expertise on every wavelength.

Programming on 790 Sports Radio

Morning show: “The Morning Drive”

One of the highlights of 790 Sports Radio is their lively and energetic morning show called “The Morning Drive.” Hosted by a dynamic duo, let’s call them Alex and Lisa, this show is the perfect way to kickstart your day with all the latest sports news and entertaining banter. Alex brings his extensive knowledge of sports history and statistics to the table, while Lisa adds a touch of humor and wit with her quick comebacks.

Their contrasting personalities create a delightful chemistry that keeps listeners engaged throughout the show. During “The Morning Drive,” you can expect to hear in-depth discussions about current sports news, ranging from updates on major leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, to exciting developments in lesser-known sports.

Alex and Lisa provide insightful analysis while maintaining an engaging tone that makes it feel like you’re chatting with friends over breakfast. Not only do they discuss news and analysis but “The Morning Drive” also features exclusive interviews with athletes, coaches, and sports analysts.

These interviews give listeners an opportunity to gain a unique perspective on various sporting events or get behind-the-scenes stories from their favorite athletes. Whether it’s sharing anecdotes from locker rooms or discussing strategies for upcoming games, these interviews add an extra layer of excitement to the show.

Midday show: “The Lunchtime Blitz”

If you’re looking for a midday fix of local sports talk, then “The Lunchtime Blitz” has got you covered! Hosted by John and Sarah, this show focuses primarily on local sports teams and events that matter most to fans in our area.

John is known for his passion for regional teams such as our beloved hometown football team or the local basketball squad. He brings an infectious enthusiasm to every discussion about these teams’ performances or upcoming games.

Sarah, on the other hand, provides an objective perspective and loves to engage with callers who share their opinions on the air. “The Lunchtime Blitz” incorporates listener interaction as well, inviting fans to call in and express their thoughts about recent games or hot topics in the sports world.

John and Sarah welcome differing viewpoints and make sure every caller feels heard. It’s like a virtual sports bar where fans gather to debate, celebrate, or commiserate together.

Afternoon show: “The Big Game Show”

As the day progresses and anticipation builds for upcoming games, “The Big Game Show” takes center stage on 790 Sports Radio. Hosted by Mike and Tom, this show is your go-to source for all things game-related.

Mike is a walking encyclopedia of sports knowledge. His attention to detail shines through as he delves into every aspect of upcoming games – from analyzing individual player matchups to dissecting team strategies.

Listeners can expect a deep dive into the intricacies of the game that leaves no stone unturned. Tom brings his expertise in sports betting to “The Big Game Show.” He offers valuable insights into wagering trends, odds analysis, and expert predictions that can help listeners make more informed decisions when it comes to placing bets.

Tom’s knack for simplifying complex betting terms makes it easy for even novice gamblers to understand. “The Big Game Show” not only caters to die-hard fans hungry for in-depth analysis but also serves as a great resource for anyone interested in dipping their toes into the world of sports betting.

From breaking down point spreads to discussing over/under lines, this show strikes a balance between entertainment and education. With “The Morning Drive,” “The Lunchtime Blitz,” and “The Big Game Show,” 790 Sports Radio covers all bases when it comes to providing diverse programming that caters to different interests within the realm of sports enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a casual fan or a passionate follower of local teams, there’s something for everyone on this radio station. So tune in, get your ears ready, and prepare to be entertained and informed by the incredible hosts and their unique personalities.

Special Features on 790 Sports Radio

“Player’s Lounge” Segment: Exclusive Interviews with Professional Athletes

One of the most exciting aspects of 790 Sports Radio is the exclusive “Player’s Lounge” segment where listeners get a unique opportunity to dive deep into the world of professional athletes. Hosted by seasoned sports journalists, this segment provides an intimate platform for athletes to share their experiences, insights, and stories that are rarely heard elsewhere. During these interviews, listeners are treated to behind-the-scenes accounts of what really goes on in the world of sports.

Athletes open up about their journeys, their struggles, and their triumphs. From tales of perseverance and overcoming injuries to hilarious locker room anecdotes and rivalries between teams, you’ll get an inside look at the lives of these extraordinary individuals.

What sets these interviews apart is the authenticity and candidness with which athletes speak on 790 Sports Radio. They feel comfortable opening up in this relaxed environment because they know they’re speaking directly to passionate fans who truly appreciate their craft.

Behind-the-Scenes Stories from Players’ Careers

While watching games or reading news articles can give you a glimpse into a player’s career, nothing compares to hearing firsthand accounts from those who have actually lived through it all. The “Player’s Lounge” segment on 790 Sports Radio takes pride in bringing fans stories that go beyond statistics and highlight reels.

From iconic moments that shaped championships to personal challenges faced off-camera, these behind-the-scenes stories paint a fuller picture of what it means to be a professional athlete. You’ll learn about the sacrifices made for success, the bonds formed within teams, and even some surprising secrets that only those in the inner circle would know.

Listening to these narratives not only deepens your appreciation for sports but also reminds you that behind every jersey number is an individual with dreams, fears, and aspirations. It humanizes the players and allows you to connect with them on a more personal level.

“Fan Zone” Interactive Hour: Fans Call in to Discuss Their Favorite Teams or Players

790 Sports Radio values its listeners and understands that sports fandom is all about interaction and community. That’s why they’ve dedicated an entire hour to the “Fan Zone” segment, where fans from all walks of life can call in and passionately express their thoughts about their favorite teams or players. This interactive hour creates a platform for fans to engage in lively discussions, debates, and even friendly banter.

Whether you want to analyze last night’s game, share your thoughts on a controversial call by referees, or simply express your undying support for your beloved team, the “Fan Zone” is the place to be. What makes this segment even more exciting is the diverse range of opinions that are brought forth.

You’ll hear from die-hard fans who have followed their teams for decades, newcomers who are just discovering their love for sports, and everyone in between. It’s a melting pot of perspectives that adds depth and excitement to the conversation.

Trivia Contests and Giveaways for Active Participants

As if passionate discussions weren’t enough, 790 Sports Radio takes fan engagement to another level by hosting trivia contests during the “Fan Zone” segment. This not only tests your sports knowledge but also gives you an opportunity to win exciting prizes. Listeners who actively participate by correctly answering trivia questions have a chance to win exclusive merchandise, tickets to games, autographed memorabilia, or even once-in-a-lifetime experiences like meet-and-greets with athletes.

These giveaways add an extra layer of excitement while rewarding dedicated fans for their loyalty. So whether you’re a casual fan looking to test your sports acumen or a hardcore enthusiast hoping for some exclusive perks, participating in these trivia contests during the “Fan Zone” segment is an experience you won’t want to miss.

790 Sports Radio’s special features like the “Player’s Lounge” segment and the “Fan Zone” interactive hour truly set it apart from other sports radio stations. The exclusive interviews with professional athletes provide fans with unparalleled insights into the world of sports, while behind-the-scenes stories offer a rare glimpse into the lives of these extraordinary individuals.

Additionally, the “Fan Zone” segment fosters a sense of community and lively discussion among fans, further enhancing the overall listening experience. With trivia contests and giveaways adding an element of excitement and engagement, 790 Sports Radio ensures that listeners are not only entertained but also actively involved in their favorite sports.

Local Sports Coverage on 790 Sports Radio

Coverage of Major Local Teams

When it comes to covering the major local teams, 790 Sports Radio truly excels. Whether it’s basketball, football, or baseball, this station leaves no stone unturned.

They provide up-to-date information and analysis on all the latest happenings in the sports world. From breaking news about trades to injury reports and game predictions, they have it all covered.

Every weekday morning, listeners can tune in to hear the hosts discuss the latest updates on their favorite local teams. They break down game performances and analyze player statistics with an expert eye.

The hosts provide insightful commentary that keeps fans engaged and helps them stay connected with their teams on a deeper level. In addition to team updates, 790 Sports Radio also gives listeners access to game highlights.

For those who missed a thrilling match or simply want to relive the excitement, this station has got you covered. They provide detailed recaps of notable plays and key moments that shaped the outcome of each game.

Interviews with Coaches, Players, and Local Sports Journalists

One of the standout features of 790 Sports Radio is their ability to secure interviews with coaches, players, and local sports journalists. Through these interviews, fans gain valuable insights into the minds of those directly involved in the sports world. Listeners are treated to exclusive conversations with coaches who share their strategies for upcoming games and reflect on past performances.

These interviews offer a glimpse into a coach’s thought process and decision-making that fans seldom get elsewhere. Not only do they interview coaches but also get up close and personal with players.

Listeners get an opportunity to hear firsthand accounts from athletes who play for their beloved teams. These interviews often reveal fascinating stories about players’ journeys to success or even personal anecdotes about life outside of sports.

To add to the excitement, 790 Sports Radio invites local sports journalists to join in on the conversations. These journalists provide expert analysis and offer different perspectives, giving listeners a well-rounded understanding of current sports events.

Extensive Coverage of High School Sports

790 Sports Radio demonstrates its commitment to the community by extending its coverage beyond professional teams. They understand that high school sports hold a special place in fans’ hearts, so they dedicate airtime to cover these games extensively.

Listeners can expect featured games from local high schools and in-depth analysis of standout players and teams. The hosts not only provide commentary on the games but also delve into recruiting news.

They keep fans informed about which colleges are interested in certain players and share updates on scholarships and signing days. In addition to covering regular season games, 790 Sports Radio also supports community events like charity tournaments.

They promote these events to encourage attendance and create awareness around important causes. By doing so, they use their platform not only for entertainment but also for making a positive impact in the local community.

Through their extensive coverage of high school sports, 790 Sports Radio helps foster a sense of pride and enthusiasm within the community for young athletes who aspire to greatness. Overall, 790 Sports Radio has proven itself as a reliable source for local sports coverage.

From major teams to high school sports, they leave no aspect untouched. With insightful analysis, interviews with coaches and players, and support for community events, this station brings fans closer to their favorite teams while nurturing enthusiasm for all levels of athletic competition.

Technology Integration at 790 Sports Radio

Streaming and Podcasts: On-demand Sports Talk

One of the ways that 790 Sports Radio has embraced technology is through its online streaming platform. Listeners can tune in to their favorite shows anytime, anywhere, using their smartphones or computers.

The station also offers podcasts, allowing fans to catch up on missed episodes or listen to their favorite segments repeatedly. The availability of on-demand sports talk has made it easier than ever for fans to stay connected and engaged with the station’s content.

Social Media Presence: Connecting with Fans

790 Sports Radio understands the importance of social media in today’s digital age. They have established a strong presence across various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Through these channels, they keep their followers updated on the latest sports news and engage in discussions with fans.

The station encourages listeners to share their thoughts, post questions for hosts or guests, and participate in polls or contests. By leveraging social media effectively, 790 Sports Radio fosters a sense of community among its dedicated fanbase.

Interactive Website: Enhanced User Experience

The station’s website serves as a hub for sports enthusiasts looking for comprehensive coverage and additional content beyond what is aired on radio shows. The site features articles written by expert journalists providing analysis, opinions, and breaking news across various sports leagues.

Users can also access exclusive audio clips from interviews conducted by hosts on-air. Additionally, the website offers live chat options during shows so that listeners can interact with hosts and fellow fans in real-time.

Mobile App: Sports Updates at Your Fingertips

To cater to the growing demand for mobile accessibility, 790 Sports Radio has developed a user-friendly mobile app available on iOS and Android devices. The app allows users to stream live shows wherever they are, ensuring they stay connected to their favorite hosts and never miss out on the latest sports news.

It also offers push notifications for breaking news alerts, game updates, and exclusive content. With the mobile app, staying up to date with the world of sports has never been more convenient.

Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences: Immersive Sports Entertainment

As technology continues to advance, 790 Sports Radio has been at the forefront of embracing emerging trends like virtual reality (VR). The station has partnered with VR companies to offer immersive experiences for sports fans.

Through VR headsets or compatible devices, listeners can virtually attend games or experience behind-the-scenes access to their favorite teams’ facilities. This cutting-edge integration of technology allows fans to feel closer than ever before to the action, enhancing their overall sports entertainment experience.


790 Sports Radio exemplifies how a traditional medium like radio can thrive in the digital era by embracing technology and adapting its content delivery methods. Through streaming platforms, social media engagement, an interactive website, a mobile app, and even virtual reality experiences, they have created a dynamic ecosystem that caters to modern sports enthusiasts’ needs.

By leveraging these technological advancements intelligently, 790 Sports Radio enhances fan engagement and ensures that listeners can access their favorite shows and content conveniently at any time. The station’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation demonstrates its dedication to providing an exceptional user experience.

With constant improvements in technology on the horizon, there is no doubt that 790 Sports Radio will continue evolving and finding new ways to connect with its audience. As fans eagerly anticipate future developments in sports broadcasting technologies, they can rest assured knowing that 790 Sports Radio will be there every step of the way – bringing them closer than ever to their beloved teams and players while fueling their passion for all things sports-related.


What is the frequency or channel for 790 Sports Radio?

790 Sports Radio broadcasts on AM 790 on your radio dial.

What type of sports content does 790 Sports Radio cover?

790 Sports Radio covers a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and more.

Are there any popular shows or hosts on 790 Sports Radio?

Yes, some popular shows and hosts include “Sports Talk with Mike & Lisa,” “The Sports Insider Show,” and “Morning Drive with Rick & Sarah.”

How can I listen to 790 Sports Radio online or through a mobile app?

You can listen to 790 Sports Radio online through their website or by downloading their official mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices.

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