70S Eye Makeup

70S Eye Makeup


The 1970s marked a significant era in fashion and beauty, characterized by an explosion of creativity and self-expression. As cultural shifts occurred worldwide, societal norms were challenged, leading to a revolution in the way people approached personal style.

This decade became synonymous with bold experimentation and individuality, giving rise to iconic trends that continue to influence fashion today. In particular, eye makeup during the 70s underwent a remarkable evolution, becoming a powerful form of artistic expression.

Disco Glamour Eyes: Unleashing Your Inner Diva

As the disco era reached its peak in the late ’70s, eye makeup took on an electrifying and glamorous persona. Sparkling dance floors called for equally dazzling eyes that would catch every flicker of light.

Disco-inspired eye makeup embraced vivid colors and shimmering textures that exuded confidence and allure. Glittery eyeshadows became the stars of this trend.

Shades like gold, silver, and electric blue were used to create mesmerizing looks that transported women into an enchanting world of disco balls and pulsating beats. Applying these vibrant hues required precision; blending multiple shades together allowed for a gradient effect that intensified the overall impact.

To truly embody the disco diva aesthetic, many women dared to venture beyond traditional eyeshadows by adding actual glitter onto their lids. This technique involved using adhesive or specialized glitter products to create show-stopping looks that sparkled under neon lights.

Natural Bohemian Eyes: Embracing Earthy Beauty

Amidst the glitz and glamour of disco culture, another trend emerged – one that celebrated natural beauty with an earthy touch. The natural bohemian style embraced softer tones while still accentuating the eyes in captivating ways. Warm browns, oranges, greens, and other nature-inspired shades became popular choices for eyeshadows during this era.

The goal was to create a subtle yet captivating look that appeared effortless and connected to the natural world. Soft blending techniques were employed, allowing the colors to seamlessly meld together, enhancing the eyes’ depth and dimension.

Minimal eyeliner was often favored in natural bohemian eye makeup, with a focus on accentuating the lashes instead. This approach allowed for a more understated appearance while still maintaining an air of mystique.

Punk Rock Eyes: Rebel with Eyeliner

During the 70s, punk rock music and its accompanying subculture emerged as a powerful form of rebellion against established norms. This counter-cultural movement brought with it an aesthetic that challenged traditional beauty ideals, resulting in eye makeup looks that were edgy, dark, and provocative.

The punk rock eyes trend showcased an intense focus on creating depth and drama through dark eyeshadows and heavy black eyeliner. Shades like deep blues, purples, grays, and blacks were used to craft striking smoky eyes that radiated attitude.

Eyeliner became an essential tool in achieving the rebellious punk rock look. Thick lines were drawn along both upper and lower lash lines or extended into exaggerated wings inspired by avant-garde artistic influences.

The purpose was to make a bold statement that defied conventions – an outward expression of one’s inner rebellion. Throughout the 1970s, eye makeup transformed from merely enhancing one’s features into a medium for self-expression and individuality.

Whether embracing disco glamour or channeling natural bohemian vibes or tapping into punk rock rebellion, women found liberation through their eye makeup choices during this decade. These trends continue to inspire modern interpretations today by providing endless possibilities for playing with colors, textures, techniques, and attitudes all through their eyes—the windows to their souls.

The 1970s witnessed a remarkable transition in the world of fashion and beauty, with eye makeup becoming a crucial element in defining one’s personal style. During this era, there was a heavy emphasis on bold and dramatic looks that exuded confidence and individuality. One of the prominent trends was the prominence of thick, defined eyebrows.

Unlike the thinner brows that were popular in previous decades, women embraced a bolder approach by allowing their eyebrows to grow naturally and enhancing them with subtle shaping techniques. When it came to eyeshadow colors, dark and smoky hues like blues, purples, and browns reigned supreme.

These shades perfectly complemented the vibrant fashion trends of the ’70s while adding an air of mystery to one’s overall appearance. Women often opted for matte finishes or shimmering metallic textures to elevate their eye makeup game.

Iconic Techniques that Defined the Era

Two iconic techniques emerged during this time period that played a significant role in shaping 70s eye makeup: the “cat-eye” or winged eyeliner look and false lashes. The cat-eye became a staple look for many women as it exuded sophistication and elegance. By extending eyeliner beyond the outer corner of the eye in an upward flicking motion, women achieved an elongated shape that added intensity to their gaze.

False lashes were another essential component in creating bold eye makeup looks during this era. These lashes were typically long, thick, and fluttery, designed to enhance lash volume and length dramatically.

Whether individuals preferred natural-looking falsies or more extravagant designs with feathers or sparkles, false lashes added drama and allure to any eye makeup look. Overall, 70s eye makeup was characterized by its audacious nature—bold brows, dark and smoky eyeshadow colors, winged eyeliner, and false lashes.

These trends pushed the boundaries of conventional beauty standards and allowed individuals to express their unique personalities through their eye makeup choices. The era’s emphasis on self-expression and individuality paved the way for a diverse range of styles, from disco glamour to natural bohemianism to punk rock-inspired looks.

A) Disco Glamour Eyes: Dancing with the Stars

Disco glamour eyes were all the rage in the late ’70s, perfectly complementing the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of discotheques. This trend brought forth a dazzling array of eye makeup styles that were designed to catch the light on dance floors and make a bold statement. One of the key elements of disco-inspired eye makeup was the use of glittery eyeshadows in vibrant colors like gold, silver, and electric blue.

These shimmering hues added a touch of glamour and sophistication to any look. Applying these eyeshadows involved blending multiple shades together for a gradient effect that drew attention to the eyes.

Additionally, disco glamour eyes often featured techniques such as directly applying glitter onto lids, creating an enchanting sparkle that mesmerized onlookers. This technique worked particularly well with smoky eyeshadow looks or as an accentuating element atop bold winged eyeliner.

B) Natural Bohemian Eyes: Embracing Effortless Beauty

While some fashion-conscious individuals embraced bold and dramatic looks during the ’70s, others favored a more natural bohemian approach to eye makeup. This style exuded an effortless beauty that harmonized with the free-spirited ethos of the era. Natural bohemian eyes emphasized earthy tones such as warm browns, oranges, and greens.

These colors captured nature’s essence and accentuated one’s natural features without overpowering them. The softly blended eyeshadows created an elegant yet captivating look that radiated simplicity.

In this approach, minimal liner was applied discreetly to enhance definition without detracting from the overall softness of the look. The focus was on bringing out one’s natural beauty rather than transforming it entirely.

C) Punk Rock Eyes: Rebel with a Cause

The rebellious subculture of punk rock had a profound influence on eye makeup in the ’70s, making it an integral part of the punk aesthetic. This style aimed to challenge conventions and create a bold, edgy statement.

Punk rock eyes were characterized by darker color palettes, often featuring intense black eyeshadow or eyeliner that created a striking contrast against pale skin. The heavy and dramatic application of black eyeliner along both the upper and lower lash lines accentuated the eyes’ intensity, exuding an air of defiance.

Smudged eyeshadow was another prominent feature within punk rock eye makeup. It added an element of grunge to the overall look, emphasizing a nonchalant attitude towards traditional beauty standards.

Conclusion: The Timeless Beauty of 70s Eye Makeup

The 1970s brought forth a magnificent array of eye makeup styles that continue to captivate us today. Whether it was disco glamour eyes that glittered under dance floor lights, natural bohemian eyes showcasing effortless beauty, or punk rock eyes channeling rebellion and edginess – each style represented its own unique spirit.

While trends may come and go, the allure of 70s eye makeup remains timeless. It allows us to experiment with different colors, techniques, and moods while celebrating our individuality.

So why not let our eyes be canvases for self-expression and creativity? Let’s embrace the beauty heritage from the past while forging new paths forward!

What were the popular eyeshadow colors in the 70s?

Earthy tones like browns, greens, and golds dominated 70s eye makeup. Shades of blue and pastels were also popular choices, reflecting the era’s vibrant and experimental vibe.

How did people achieve the iconic 70s eyelashes?

Thick, dramatic lashes were achieved using volumizing mascaras and sometimes even false eyelashes. Women often embraced the “wide-eyed” look with heavy mascara application.

What techniques were used for 70s eye makeup?

The 70s featured techniques like the “cut crease,” where a defined crease line was created with contrasting eyeshadow. Smoky eyes and softly blended shadows were also common.

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